Saddest day of the year’ may be a myth, but experts say winter blues are real

CTV News

The first calendar month is widely known for being a difficult time of year. But self-styled “psychologist, coach and speaker” Cliff Arnall took the concept even further in 2005 when he declared the third Monday in January “Blue Monday” — the so-called saddest day of the year. Arnall claimed to have developed his “Blue Monday” theory using a statistical mathematical equation, but he eventually revealed he’d been working for a British travel company when he conceived it. While the December holidays are a source of cheer for some, for others, they mean uncomfortable family gatherings, painful retrospection and a flood of self-doubt. “By year-end, people are feeling the burnout,” said Abi Sriharan, professor of systems leadership and innovation at the University of Toronto, in a phone interview with Read more…

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