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How do Specialist referrals and Hospital Investigations work?

To order hospital investigations or arrange an consultation with a specialist the family doctor will send a letter to the appropriate party requesting that the patient be seen. The family doctors do not book these appointments themselves.

We will do our best to organize specialist referrals and hospital investigations in a timely manner. However, wait times are often long. Should you not obtain any follow up on specialist referrals or hospital investigations within two months (or earlier for urgent matters), please inquire at our clinic about the status of your referral.

What is same day booking?

For those physicians who do use same day booking as part of their practice this is what it means: each day that these physicians work in the clinic, there will be some appointments that have been pre-booked for patients, and there will be some appointments that are held open until that morning (this means you have to phone each morning your family physician is working to book a same day booking). These appointments are there to help patients who have become suddenly ill and need urgent care. If you have a chronic issue it is preferable if you pre-book an appointment ahead of time.

Which doctors are currently accepting new patients?

Dr. Ali Qazalbash
Dr. Julie Wilson

What is a ‘Walk-In-Clinic’?

A service provided to patients who are unable to book with their own Family Doctor. We will see patients for short appointments during the walk-in clinic on a first come first serve basis for the following: Emergencies First, then all minor complaints. Patients are advised to call 911 for any major medical emergencies such as: Chest Pains, Shortness of Breath, Possible Stroke, and Major Trauma. Because of the nature of walk-in patient flow, wait times can vary.

What services are not covered by MSP?

Services not covered under MSP include:
Travel advice and medicine
Most forms – school/camp forms, driver’s physicals, work physicals, sick notes, attending physician’s statements
Cosmetic proceduresMost forms – school/camp forms, driver’s physicals, work physicals, sick notes, attending physician’s statements
Cosmetic procedures

What if I’m not a resident of British Columbia?

We welcome valid Canadian Care Cards like OHIP and others (along with a piece of picture ID for verification). Please note that Pap tests and certain other preventive care services are not covered if you have out of province coverage.

If you’re moving to BC, please ask our receptionist for an MSP application package or for eligibility and enrollment information.

Private fees apply for international visitors. A receipt is provided for reimbursement on travel insurance.

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