Clinic Fee Schedule

The costs of most medical care services in British Columbia are covered for residents of BC by BC Health Insurance through the Medical Services Plan.

Patients who reside outside of Canada or who do not have current provincial health care coverage, from BC or another province must pay the fees for their clinic visit directly.

The following is a list of some of the common fees that patients are required to pay directly at the time of the visit to the clinic if they are NOT covered by MSP:

  • Complete Physical
  • Consultation
  • Counseling
  • Intramuscular Injection
  • Laceration/Foreign Body
  • Major Tray Fee
  • Minor Tray Fee
  • Mini Tray Fee
  • Office Visit
  • 1st Maternity VisiT
  • Maternity Visit

Uninsured Services

Terra Nova medical clinic Richmond BC
Some medical office services, called uninsured services, are not covered by BC Health Insurance and must be paid for directly by the patient, regardless of whether they have BC Health insurance or not. These fees may be covered under a patient’s private health insurance and the patient may be reimbursed for fees paid to the clinic. Please check with your own insurance carrier. The fees charged by the clinic for uninsured services are in compliance with the Doctors of British Columbia guidelines, which are updated on an annual basis.

  • Sick Note
  • Chart Transfer (patient request)
  • Chart Transfer (physician to physician)
  • Completion of Form/Certificate
  • Foot Care
  • Letter (requested by patient)
  • Missed Appointment
    (no show or less than 24 hr. notice)
  • Photocopy per page (first 10 pages)
  • Photocopy per page (after 10 pages)
  • Review of Records
  • Medicals:
    Camp / School / Sports
  • Diving Extensive
  • Diving Recreational (scuba)
  • Driver’s Medical
  • Employment (major exam)
  • First Aid
  • Immigration
  • Marine
  • Ministry of Transport